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Jenna. 17. Native .Kwakwakawakw and Coast Salish. Student. Reader. Beader. Painter.

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I’ve been sitting here and thinking why I’ve decided to take the indigenous family support program; and I realized that I want to help the youth. Because right now I see people I know that keep saying that “they want to give up” and I just I hate seeing that. I try my best to be there for people, like one of my long time friends; who is going through stuff. I don’t pry or anything I just talk to them and let them know that I am there for them if they need someone to talk to.


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I just got my nose pierced and my parents still haven’t noticed but I’m scared as shit…

UPDATE: I was in Walmart last night with my family, and my mom was talking to one of the employees and I am not kidding she looks at me once. Twice. And on third she squints and says “what the hell is on your nose?”She then walks over and trys to rip it out. Then I panicked and told her what I did… But my dad still hasn’t noticed so… You know YOLO 👌